New Ideologies

The world of Quantum Science starts to address the prognostic science that engineering demands when targeting holistic monitoring of the product / system functionability.

Many products / systems operate with a surety of capability that in the design addressed the need to demonstrate to authoritive bodies a high level of integrity to ensure safety requirements.

When designed products / systems are created, especially jet engines, competence of design capability has to be demonstrated by the capture , logging and determining of appropriate data to validate performance and functionality.

These data sets are very specific to the performance and functionality, and in the validation process very comprehensive and professional. However the same configurations of sense, record, analyse and  evaluate can not be supported in the business operational environment.

Consequently the monitoring is reduced to focus on 'key' metrics of product / system functionality to hopefully capture major deviations from correct operation, but more definitive is to underwrite product / system maintenance operations.

Product / system decay modes start at the very first operations of the product / system and are consequence of the total holistic environment the product / system operates  in.