To start to bring this condition monitoring ideology together so formalizing a structure to build on, is why I have created this web site and started its population.

My Consultancy offers interested persons a total holistic understanding of real prognostic condition monitoring and the real evidences of functionability  built over 45 years in a main engineering occupation. Many of the competencies I have acquired over the years are no longer available to new engineers and they are so important to disseminate  and build the though knowledge and rationales for the future.


Personal ‘thoughts of theories’ that define the ‘Science of Functionability’ of all systems and products, now but more importantly into the future, invoking a Quantum study.

The ‘observation’ of in-operational behaviours of maintainable systems and products, to enable the generation of measured or assimilated features of their functionability (MIRCE) performance both positive and negative. This can be operational product based and/or experimentally based or theorised functionability.

Primarily the need is to further the ‘quantum science’ world of evidence based fidelity comparators by all possible associations, like ‘patterns’, comparators, measurements, but with an acceptance to ‘business’ requirements, thus occurs the association to costs and human need, with a more current requirement than futuristic requirement. This current culture underwrites immediate business but it may be more prudent to look to the future as the solution may be easier and more profitable.

To scientifically understand physical phenomena and human activities that generate functionability understanding crosses the massive physical levels of fidelity from the sub atom to the solar system (10 x 10−35to 10 x 1024metres).

1000 attometres = 1 femtometre = 0.001 picometre = 6985100000000000000♠1×10−15 metres

7006100000000000000♠1000000 femtometres = 10 ångström = 1 nanometre.

For example, the charge radius of a proton is approximately 0.84–0.87 femtometres while the radius of a gold nucleus is approximately 8.45 femtometres.

yoctometre (1×10−24 m), zeptometre, attometre, femtometre, picometre, nanometre, micrometre, millimetre, centimetre, decimetre, metre (m), decametre, hectometre, kilometre, megametre, gigametre, terametre, petametre, exametre, zettametre, yottametre (1×1024 m).






Section Range (m) Unit Example Items
Planck length 10−35 P Quantum foam
Subatomic 10−35 10−15 am Electron, quark, string
Atomic and cellular 10−15 10−12 fm Atomic nucleus, proton, neutron
10−12 10−9 pm Wavelength of gamma rays and X-rays, hydrogen atom
10−9 10−6 nm DNA helix, virus, wavelength of optical spectrum
Human scale 10−6 10−3 μm Bacterium, fog water droplet, human hair's diameter
10−3 100 mm Mosquito, golf ball, domestic cat, violin, football
100 103 m Cello, human, automobile, sperm whale, football field, Eiffel Tower
103 106 km Walt Disney World, Mount Everest, length of Panama Canal and Trans-Siberian Railway, larger asteroid
Astronomical 106 109 Mm The Moon, Earth, one light-second
109 1012 Gm Sun, one light-minute, Earth's orbit
1012 1015 Tm Orbits of outer planets, Solar System
1015 1018 Pm One light-year; distance to Proxima Centauri
1018 1021 Em Galactic arm
1021 1024 Zm Milky Way, distance to Andromeda Galaxy
1024 Ym Huge-LQG, Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall, visible universe


Clearly these new dimensions of scale are based in the 21st Century as the human race moves towards the Quantum world understanding. Clearly only a very small percentage of Quantum fidelity is needed to express ‘size’, for example a ‘Mars Bar’ is in centimetres as a length 100, an Ocean Liner is in metres of length 103 ,but an atomic nucleus is in femtometres of length 10−15.

Theoretically define a scheme for calculating expected positive and negative functionability work. To correlate the corresponding costs for a given maintainable system structure, operational scenario, maintenance policies and support strategy, as the main drivers, at design stages when all changes cause the least possible creation time and cost.

The idea of the axioms (self-evident truths) is interesting, for example a chocolate bar with fruit and nuts is a fruit and nut chocolate bar but a chocolate bar with no fruit or nuts is a chocolate bar, easy!

However the concepts of science as discussed by Penrose in his book ‘The road to Reality’, looks at the three manifestations of the scientist ‘guide book’. They express as the Platonic Mathematical world, the Physical world and the Mental World. These ideas of human study offer the integration of phenomena so that where axioms do not exist expressions of mathematics and theorised concepts can hopefully create a flavour, strong or weak that a potential ‘confidence’ of truth can be ‘nailed’ as a possible solution or belief for the concept.

It’s a culture of stepping stones and frantic searching for multi angles of attack to the proof of the concept. This drive from multi-disciplined science teams can be construed as thinking ‘outside the box’, but actually the thinking is ‘inside the box’, due to scientific research self-regulation that demands a concise route to proven evidence that is traceable.

These defined processes seem to nail a very precise and specific avenue to a concept proof and in my view could easily by-pass an obvious phenomenon which could have resulted in a ‘spin-of’ idea or a faster passage to the solution.

In the ‘world’ we reside in, there are no ‘gaps’ between atoms so all ‘frequencies of an electromagnetic form’ pass through all the atomic structures that exist in the situation.

If an electromagnetic ‘character’ ‘drives’ through an atomic ‘space’ it will impact the electrons that pervade the valence shell of the atom in question, resulting in a disturbance of the atomic equilibrium. The net outcome of which, is, the electron will recover equilibrium and we now know the atom will emit (at least) photons and phonons thus the invasive electromagnetic ‘character’ persists but is transformed, and there is no loss of energy or mater and no known decay to the atomic structure.